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Acupuncture for Downer syndrome in cows

The ascension of the cow story
The cow is very sacred in India. In the western world it had become a
factory animal until 2001 when in England millions of cows were put
down due to ‘foot and mouth’ disease. At this time I was taking a group
through the angel ascension process, a 12 week course. I was called upon
to do acupuncture on a cow on a nearby property. This cow had ‘gone
down’. This is what the farmers (called in Australia ‘cockies’) call this
condition. It happens especially after birthing, the cow cannot get up off
the ground. The ‘cockie’ attitude is, if it has been down for 3 days it won’t
get up, so they shoot it, out of ‘mercy’, or ‘mercenary’. This is the story.
It had already been 10 days when I first came. The lady was providing
feed for her, and water. There was some contention amongst the local
males as to what to do. I said ‘This cow is down because its spirit has
gone down’. I had a feeling maybe this cow is doing this NDE, angel
ascension process too. After a few days I was convinced that it was. I
said ‘this cow won’t get up until such and such a day’, that is how the
process goes. It is called an angel ascension but the spirit must go down
to find the lost soul parts.
We kept its muscles moving and relaxed, and bathed the abscesses that
formed with salt water. The abscesses were the old releasing. On
several occasions they tried to raise the cow using a truss and tractor,
but to no avail.
During this time I had some beautiful insights into the soul nature of a
cow. One day I could see the cosmic energy being drawn in through the
horns, then being transformed in the cow into both milk and manure. In
the manure, this energy is then able to enter into the Earth itself, and
form soil. Here is Heaven, Earth and Cow in between. At this time I
realized the significance of horns, and felt some horny energies such as
sheep, goats, deer, elk, Manitou, even an ancient Celtic god, the one with
branches in his hair. (Cernunnon)
Another day as we went down a grey crane zoomed past my ear and
landed in the cow paddock. The crane is the totem bird of Gabriel. It was
announcing that angel’s presence. Later when I was with the cow, it flew
in a big circle around. It seemed like it was defining the sacredness of the
area. There was such a reverence and awe in the air, yet simplicity too.
After 21 days the cow still had not risen. But it still had gleam in its eyes.
By this time it had become a community affair. There was much talk
about what to do. Some people were having very emotional responses.
One man threatened to shoot her. His emotions were overpowering him.
My prediction had been for the 30th day, but she still did not get up. I
was ready to give up. But the next day we saw that she had moved more
than 20 metres in the night but it didn’t seem like she had dragged
herself. I began needling her (acupuncture) but she butted me away as
if to say ‘I don’t need you’. Then she stood up, very, very shaky at first.
None of us dared to move or speak in case we might distract her. I was
amazed. It was a rare moment, almost a miracle moment. She walked
into the shade but she could only use 3 legs.
I could feel her spirit had returned from the centre of the Earth. What it
had been doing there I did not yet know.
I said in 2 more weeks, as there were 2 more weeks to the NDE process,
she would put her other leg down. All 4 would be on Earth.

Because of my association with the cow and with the Earth I was aware
of a very strong energy which had returned with her which was just
beneath the surface. I wondered how it would get to the surface. Then 9.11
happened and it hit the surface all over the world. This is what really
happened on that day. External events reflect inner events. I said that more
energy was coming and it needed a creative event to occur otherwise it
would happen again. The very next day another plane crashed in New
York. The headlines said ‘144 secs from take-off to disaster’. There was
that 144 again indicating it was a monadic energy that had entered into
Earth and returned. The Earth’s core was being transformed. This monad
is called the ‘Blood Monad’. We will no longer be bound by the ties of
blood. Later Paul Macartney performed a Freedom concert in NY and that
was just the creative event that was needed.
In the meantime the lady farmer said that each time she goes to the cow
it is so happy to see her it exudes a white fluid from her udder that is not
milk. It just drips out1.
As a strange follow-up I noticed that on World Angel Day Oct 7th 2001
a biodynamic farmer dug up 7500 cowhorns (previously buried there).
This was the original number of people who were recorded as missing
after that catastrophe. These horns were near to the place that is
traditionally known as a place of lost souls. The cow horns can somehow
pull in the cosmic energy into the substance in the horns where it is held.
Being in the Earth it can absorb earthly energies as well. I wondered if
they had pulled in the energies from the lost souls as well. These would
now be spread over the land itself, invigorating it.
Two years later The cow gave birth to a beautiful calf. She has a good
supply of milk, and one local lady, who has been drinking it, says her
long term digestive conditions have cleared up. Perhaps it is miracle
milk. The lady farmer said that what she had learned the most in this
whole episode was the significance of sacrifice. ‘The animals have
sacrificed themselves for us and in turn we can serve them’.
Interestingly they wanted to call the calf ‘Violet’ which is the name of
the Monad that is coming in this year (2003). It heals the abandoned and
the forsaken.

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