Treating scars with needles and moxa

Scars should be examined upon first treating the horse. Depending on the age and depth of a scar it may be causing a Qi blockage which can allow other weaknesses to form. Assess to see if scars are related to any current symptoms. The following methods help the immune system by stimulating self healing forces
Shallow needling (1mm or less) at end points of the scar will create a current and restore Qi flow. 

For old scars needling may be done along the course of and within the superficial area under the skin only. Has immediate results and should not be painful.
On occasion deeper needling may be used to restore blood flow and Qi to deeper areas.

If scarring is over a large area with thick tissue damage use moxa lightly by beginning at the boundary and working in a circular motion to the centre then work your way back out again. 20 minutes of this daily for 5-10 days should heal up any scarring.
*Do not use this method of any heat/inflammation is present.