equine muscle release; how to use acupuncture and acupressure to release sore muscles and fascia.

The general approach is to locate the muscle in question that is sore. If more than one, then choose them one at a time, or most obvious one first.  Locate the two ends of the muscles, where the tendons join on to the bone or ligament. Needle, tui Na, or acupressure these. Then use a point in the middle of the muscle if needlng or all sore spots in muscle if using Tui Na or acupressure.

Next, and most importantly, work out which channel (meridian) is involved ie which channel or channels runs through the muscle. Then use the ting point (end point) of the channel on the coronet band. Perhaps this point should be done first. This point begins to drain the tension out of the muscles along the path of where the channel flows. This is the power of the ting points.

Remember you are working with energies and not flesh. A video will come later.

How to get your horse’s hoofs to grow evenly.

Note these points are not underneath the hoof but on the top surface;

The horse has acupuncture channels which run down the leg. These all end near the coronet band on areas called ting points. If the energy in a channel is weak or blocked it does not allow the chi and blood to move fully down into the hoof.  And then that section of the hoof does not get fully nourished with blood and so does not grow so well. This gives rise to hoof imbalances.

For example; sometimes the toe on the back grows too long.(this gives rise to forging or overreach.) Actually it is the heel that grows to short. If you stimulate the ting points on the back of the heel by one off acupuncture or regular acupressure or laser the hoof will grow regularly back and front. 

Anohter good tip is to look for hoof cracks. These definaitely start happening when the chi in the channel is weak and not strong enough to push the blood into the hoof for growth in that area,