Treating dying horses with acupuncture.

This is a beautiful and touching equine acupuncture story.

from Lidwine Timmermans in Netherlands: a horsie story.

Some other experience this last weekend. Quite emotional and something I never had before. But I just want to share.My friends horse got very sudden laminitis. She had it ones before, but not very bad and she is always very carefull with food and the grass in the field.. Friday I went to see her horse. She also did let the vet come to make

pictures. The front hoofs where already tilted. And when I saw her and touched her body she felt like she was already drying up. When I did put in some needles (LI 1, 5, 9 11 points) the needles where almost pushed out immediately. Amazing. I was shure I did put them in well. But I got also very nauseous and got the feeling she was poisoning herself (liver, kidneys). But she felt afraid. Afraid of dying.

My friend decided with the vet to put her down. But because of the company that is taking the body away was not able to do it before Tuesday, she decided to put her down on Monday and the vet did give her painkillers for the weekend. I wanted to help her get less afraid as well and help her with the pain. So I needled her on the points you gave earlier to help them to let go of life. That night she came to me in my sleep to let me know she was ready. So the next day I went back again early. My friend had the same experience. And as we talked about calling the vet to put her down earlier, the horse decided to lay down and the process already started. The vet came to help as well. Although it was very sad I was glad I could help the horse to let go of life. And the moment she passed away was very special. It was like my horse was there and he helped her to let go as well. I felt a pain in my diaphragm, I heard her saying "I am home" and she passed away.