Treatment of abscess in horse with equine acupuncture

These points may be needled or moxaed. The result is very quick. 1-2 treatments will be needed.

Q:  What is the reason for this to work? These points are a long way from an abscess.

A: primarily abscess is caused by grief. When the tears cannot be released via the normal method they accumulate, then the toxin of the grief enters the blood and then travels down the leg trying to find a way out. Soon it is very painful. It may break out by itself externally or need help.

The points above clear the toxin from the Blood and so disperse the abscess internally.

Example; An owner came to me and said horse was lame. I suspected an abscess not yet ripened. i did these points. In morning she said,' I dont know if was the treatment or the Foot bath i gave it but horse is not lame now.'

Another example from a beginning student;

6 year old mare with a history of foot abscesses showed up dead lame. very tender a back of heel on forelimb. Diagnosis of foot abscess was made. 

Horse was needled in this order: Stress points near withers, Gb21, LI12, Li10, eyes of knee, eyes on fetlock, all 6 ting points, tender points near abscess which was very sore just to touch. I may have suggested BL17 with moxa also

She had time off over the week of repair was extremely lame on 1st day then by 3rd treatment was sound on day 7, then few days jog: fast work on day 5 after abscess had dried up and left very little scar at coronet .

This is a fantastic result as normally it would be much longer.

Note that; this would not be possible using a Dry Needling Method.

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