Acupuncture treatment of sandcrack in horse

Before pictures of sandcrack
After pictures of sandcrack


from Ken Glaser ;attached are two before pictures of an old coronary band injury..  In the second picture look for scar that travels through the coronary band and back to the heel bulb.  We took in this mare a little over two years ago as a twelve year old.  The injury itself occurred sometime between foaling and the age of six when Oakey must have stepped on something very sharp cutting through the hoof and into the coronary band and heel bulb.  It was at six that the family we got Oakey from took possession.  The previous owner told us that they managed the split through regular trimming, yet I believe the injury caused regular pain.  Winter proved to be the time of year that exacerbated the problem.  The second winter with us her hoof split so bad there was bleeding and no surprise Oakey literally walked on three legs.  This is when I started to look for a solution other than therapeutic shoeing.  This is when I found your site and the use of Mugwort in a Moxa Roll.  We started therapy just as you recommended and continued for more than the prescribed two weeks.  Sure enough we started to see some improvement.  We tried a boot to give Oakey some relief in the meantime with no success.  So we had our farrier apply shoes to the back feet which allowed the hoof to continue to mend.  Then this spring to my amazement I was examining the old scar, and when rubbed with my thumb the scar tissue sloughed off.  Almost ten months later the crack is almost completely grown out and there is beautiful new soft tissue where the scar use to be.  Oakey has never been more sound and seemingly happy.  She was probably always in pain.  In conjunction with the Moxa Roll treatment we used a product called Toe Grow.  Thank you for the great recommendation!