Lasers in Equine acupuncture

Which Laser would you recommend for horses?

I personally would not recommend you use laser. Just the same in certain circumstances it is useful.

Using it often will inhibit your ability to develop acupuncture sensation skills as well as point location skills. Acupuncture needling sensation is a beautiful sensation to be a part of. I would rather recommend people learn this. If they do not feel comfortable with this then they can do moxa or acupressure and then laser.

Having a laser will not give you any skills and does not give a guarantee of any success. Just like with needling successful results can only be achieved by correct point usage for the condition. Just doing lasering or even needling will not achieve any result. Knowledge of the points is necessary and also knowledge which does work. There are many treatment prescriptions out there which do not work and you may very well be disappointed in the results.

Uses of lasers.

Lasers can be useful in horses which do not like needling or for people who do not like to needle. Lasers may be useful to speed wound recovery or clean-up scar tissue. Just the same for the expense you are much better to use moxa( about 60c per stick which lasts many treatments) as compared to a laser which may cost as much as $25,000. This is very impressive but to me an unnecessary expense. Some people like the show, so give them the show.

I have seen many lasers just sitting there unused. I have been called to treat with acupuncture and there was a $10000 laser just sitting there.

If you do wish to get a laser and this may be useful in treating delicate areas such as around the eyes then I suggest you look at the Vetrolaser page where ‘Honesty’ is the marketing tool.

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