Horse Hypnosis

This is very interesting to see. Acupuncture is a form of healing and as such involves altered states. The subject is relaxed and taken into a state, different from the normal state, where the healing takes place. This is not the way or subject of Medicine, nor is this the aim of the Acupuncture Method. It is a side-effect.

Many, many times in giving a horse acupuncture, persons and animals around will also go to sleep. And in one way this is a blessing as, in any one family, all are affected if any one member of the family is affected, especially in regard to animals. They tend to take on , in their kindness and compassion, the symptoms of the owner. This is called Surrogating. I always say, I treat a horse and a rider for free. Fix the rider and the horse feels much better. This surrogating must always be looked into in treatment. If the rider walks with a right hand limp then the horse will end up with right hand symptoms Always look for the cause.

To do hypnosis. After acupuncture needling of Baihui, Li5, Li12 and “getting Chi’, give horse a little time to let go. Then beginning at eyes move hand slowly backwards and forwards from left eye to right eye. This is called a ‘Pass’ and involves switching brains. All the while you are making the passes you are saying out loud ‘ you are now going to sleep’. Then as this takes effect, slowly do the passes, and move down towards the nose all the time with the intention of putting them to sleep. And then move the passes down towards the ground. Horses head will drop. It seems very funny but do not laugh. Horse is in a very vulnerable state. It allows them to know that they can trust you, and also themselves entering into deeper altered states where their healing can take place. You may like to add some suggestions at this point for performance and ego-strengthening. The funniest thing I have ever seen is when I gave a chook an acupuncture needle into its swollen crop. It sat there completely hypnotized, completely stunned.