Acupuncture for fish (Koi)

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Local man Allan Moffatt, is reported to have done Acupuncture on fish at the Koi Farm on Short Cut Road Raleigh.The two large koi called Big Mumma and Lucky responded very well.Wayne from the Koi farm says,“We used a small stretcher in the water to hold them still.”Allan says “I have never put acupuncture needles in a fish before. I have treated many sorts of animals over the past 20 years(specialising in horses) and this was all new to me. I put the needles through the scales in between the vertebra. Immediately they relaxed and you could see their spine straighten. I even gave one some acupuncture pressure massage which I could see she thouroughly enjoyed. This is not a world first as the Japanese has used acupuncture on fish to keep them relaxed while travelling to restaurants, later to be eaten or showed. Every Temple in Japan has its own Koi lake. Koi are considered a sign of luck, they can live up to 300 years old They can reach up to 1.2 mtrs long and weigh over 18 kgs. Originally, 400 years ago they where kept in the bottom of wells and saved as food for winter.
Wayne says they are peaceful beautiful creatures who soon get to know you. Videos and photo’s can be seen at the Koi farm owned by Dan Van Zanten and Wayne Stoves, at 200 Short Cut Road Raleigh Phone 66556604 or 0402614456

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