Splint examples; treatment with acupuncture

Case example ; Splint ( bone spur); 

Chaos 8 year old eventing horse has had this bone spur since age 1 the photos are dated 5 weeks of treatments. Shrinking the area with each treatment, lasting about 5 to 7 days. The spur was about the size of a walnut and now it is the size of a raisin.

 more on Splints from Amanda ONiell; For a new forming splint Bandage 24hr x month. Ice under bandage 3x a day for 3-5 days. Then keep bandaged 24/7 for a month( compression). This helps to keep the splint bone stable, in turn helps it recover. ( always bandage from the chest side of the leg out wards. If you don't it will injure the tendons by twisting them the wrong way. Hires needs to be in a small space as excess running doesn't help. I needled Baihui and ting points in line with the lump. Lu6 ( to help with foreleg pain)Lu9( to help resolve Phlegm) Lu11.