Anatomy, fascia, chi, and the Tao , in Equine Acupuncture.

Anatomy, fascia, chi, and the Tao , in Equine Acupuncture.

I have a degree in Science.  Western Science is still trying to catch up with what the Ancients knew, and brought down to us via Acupuncture. 

Consider a recently dead horse. If you do the anatomy you will find all the parts there including the fascia. The acupuncture point LOCATIONS are still there. But there are no acupuncture points. You cannot feel them. You cannot do acupuncture on a dead horse. There is no chi. There is fascia but no chi, no life-force.

In the dead body there are no holes where the acupuncture needle could go. Actually you can put an acupuncture  needle into any part of it, it is just meat. But there will be no acupuncture effect. To be doing acupuncture and thinking in terms of a dead body is not so good. A living body is full of life, every single atom is alive, full of chi. This is very very different to a dead body.

To get an idea of what is chi, when you put your hands out and apart ,you can feel ( or learn to feel) an energy running between them, and you can learn to strengthen or weaken this energy, and direct it., It would be silly to say, ‘the fascia in my hands are communicating.’ It is being done with consciousness, and intention directed through the hands.

This is the mistake that modern Western acupuncture makes. They want it to be scientific and , this means complicated. So they have invented the fascia theory of how acupuncture might work.

When you touch someone you can touch them with love, or you can touch them as if they are dead. Do they respond to the love as if they are dead.? No, they feel the intention.

The modern theory posits the fascia network with chains of fascia , or anatomy trains but when you look at it you see it is just the tendino muscle meridians, the energy fields of the muscles and tendons associated with the channels. This has been known about for ages in acupuncture theory. It may be new to Western thoughts who have only heard about the main channels, but I assure you it is not new. It has been known about.

Some people want a scientific and logical explanation for acupuncture so they can accept it. But this is like asking for a scientific and logical explanation for Nature. Nature is there. Enjoy it. Take part in it. Sow the seeds, pull the weeds, get into the rhythms.

All of Nature is connected. There is a web that connects us all. Within us this web also exists. It interconnects all the points but it is not physical. In some explanations it is called etheric. It is like an ether. It is a field in which consciousness can create via intention,if you are connected into it. In 1980 came out the book , the Web that has no Weaver. It was a classic study for all acupuncture students at that time. All the different energy channels and fields are like this. But they are not in a dead body. They are part of the livingness.

By the way, you might think that a body is solid beacuse’ meat’ is solid and a skeleton is solid. But in the living energized body everything hass holes. There is no substance. It is all energy.  In the Assumption ,of Mary, she has proven this. She took her body with her. No physical body remained. Other great souls have also done this. And there are some whose bodies don’t decay after death for several weeks. It just shows we are not the dead body and we that death is  not the result of illness.

The Tao, of the Chinese, starts off as One, js like the Web. Then it divides into Two.

The Earth itself has meridians which are called variously Songlines, leylines, Michael lines, Mary lines Dreamtime lines. The points of them are sometimes called Sacred sites. You and your horse can turn your barn or farm into a sacred site.  You have  angels on your farm.