How to stop your horse going lame using acupressure

 from Amanda; My friend was told by her ex military riding instructor to rub right around the coronet bands of her horse in small circles before she rode and after and her horse will never go lame. In fact she was rubbing ting points and her horse never did go lame . 

comment; these ( the ting points) are the acupuncture points around the coronet band; They are very useful.
Lavender oil may be used on them to improve hoof growth.

Conception, equine breeding programs, equine acupuncture points to use.

Conception, equine breeding programs, equine acupuncture

At the moment of conception there are two forces coming together. There is the physical and the  spirit.

The physical creation occurs with the union of the male and female parts from the mother and father.  The quality of the mother is important and the quality of the fathers contribution is also important at this stage.  At his point the Jing is formed. Also the health or otherwise of them at this point and their degree of ‘complementation” is important.

The aim is to limit inherited weak characteristics from being passed on, though these may be useful.

The spirit  has chosen which parents will suit its purpose of incarnating on the earth and begins the process of transforming what is there into what it needs. This is done by imprinting.

The role of imprinting.
Another force  that comes into play at the conception is external surroundings. All happenings and impressions at that time are imprinted.  Consciously or unconsciously. If they are unconscious then they will need to be transformed at some later stage for the spirit to take over the body fully.

for example; If parents are drunk at conception there is unconsciousness. If parents really want the child and plan for it then there is consciousness. 

The symbol for the pure conception for the horse is the unicorn horn. In the wild this can occur more often. Sometimes on a horse you can see reminders of this in the forehead area.

The symbol in the western Christianity was the immaculate conception of Jesus. Noone is saying that it really happened but it is a symbol for the ideal.

Imo  AI is  a very cold process so a chill at this time will be occurring. Warmth will be needed at later stages to shift this. eg moxa at GV4.

Inherited tendencies can be limited by using Ki9 regularly after the 18th week. I suggest moxa here .

help can be given to the embryo and mare in the phases mentioned here in this order.

Each month corresponds to a channel, in the following order: Liver, GB, PC, Triple Burner, SP, ST, LU, LI, KD, UB, SI, HT." When the month is nourished by that channel, you don't needle it. i.e. in the first month, the fetus is nourished by the Liver, so it is not to be needled, and so on. But can be augmented say with herbs or foods.