Earth and Horses

Recently I had written about horses, how the earth comes up, then given the Form of the horse, then this is endowed with a big heart, and a spirit.On the other side we can say:The Earth-spirit contains a horse (say Pegasus) that has sunk down into the Earth, taking with it, its heart, passion and spirit.
The acupuncture points of the horse are points of movement of life-force and life-blood. These then have a reflection in the sacred places and dreaming grounds of Earth.
The horse is considered to have three brains; one in the head, one in the shoulders, one in the hind quarters. (These are the product of the Triple Heaters energy in the Chinese medicine system). When this transfers onto Earth we have the TRINITY levels of Earth’s etheric body, which is nourished by the three angelic levels; solar, galactic and universal.This will apply to all animals.
So the Earth contains a reflection of every animal, almost as an element in itself. These you might call archetypes. So all animal spirits are contained within the Earth.This is reflected in that the soil, is nourished by the dung of animals. In the dung is the essence of the animal, as dung contains the animal’s chemical secretions, used as an aid in transmuting food to become part of itself, say its flesh.
Likewise the angel secretions, in the human body, are transmuting earth food into angel food for nourishing of the angel body. This is in order to consolidate the angel body for the incarnation.The Angel secretions in their ‘fingers of God or Yod’ form are for nurturing the Angel Body of the Earth.
For Heaven to be on Earth, both Heaven has to come to Earth, and Earth has to be raised up to Heaven. Earth must become an angel!!!This gives, for the general person, a very different attitude to what Earth is.
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Allan Moffatt has been an equine acupuncturist for 20 years. He grew up, and lived in the city where he had no contact with horses until he was in his thirties. He talks about the emotions of horses, the sensitivity of horses, and their spirit.
Horses often feel grief yet rarely do you see them cry. The grief becomes expressed in other ways such as weeping ulcers, abscesses and lung problems. When they are moved to a new place they will often fret, which is expressed, by manic pacing to and fro day and night, aggression and whinnying. They miss their friends and fear their new situation.
Horses are very sensitive. Their skin may seem thick but they can feel the biting of any flies, mosquitoes and tiny invisible midges. They may be constantly moving twitching and foot stamping for hours on end. They are sensitive to touch, to warmth from your hands and also to the energy from your hands as they express kindness and understanding. They should be treated the way babies and small children are treated. Unfortunately they are very big, powerful land sometimes scary, ‘big kids’. Assurance works well with this. The better the horse the more responsive they are.
Horse hypnosis
Horses also begin their lives with two sides to their brain. These two sides often do not know what the other side is doing. If you teach them on one side you often have to teach them again the same thing on the other side. Their ‘brains’ are not communicating. I use this fact to do Hypnosis on the horses. By shifting their attention backwards and forwards from one brain to the other, they can be easily put into a very sleepy trance-like state, and old learned responses released from their spirit bodies.
FACT: A horse begins losing its coat at the winter solstice, not at the end of winter when the cold has ended, as you might expect. The thick coat is not from warmth but a response to less light and more dark in the day. When I first heard this I was quite surprised. This tells me that the horse is a being of Light not warmth or Fire. This is why Pegasus can sometimes be seen as a being of light flying in the night sky.
Horses have a spirit that needs to be nurtured and kept intact. This will help get the most value out of the horse. Breaking their spirit is not useful. Nurturing their spirit is the way to go. They say ‘a horse is a big heart on legs’ and also ‘the earth rises up into the horse form, and a heart is put into it’.
When I am working on a horse I often see their angels appear and come into the horse. When this happens I know the horse has retrieved its spirit and that it will be well.
Story of horse called ‘Angel’.I was working on a beautiful grey warmblood. I saw the angel of light come into her. Just as I asked ‘what is this horse’s name, the owner said ‘she is called ‘Angel’.Each of us also has a guardian angel that nurtures and protects us. I use a drawing called an angel signature to bring people more into touch with their guardian angel, so they can develop their full potential and special gifts.
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